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Written on 09/12/2017. Published 02/13/2019.

Blog. This is my first blog post. When I started writing this blog, I had no idea what I was supposed to say. What is a blog? What do you talk about in a blog? Is there a specific way to write a blog, like a poem? Am I supposed to have immense wisdom about what I’m writing? Who would ever want to read about what I have jumbled in my head? Where do I post my blog? Oh man, do I have to get a website? There were so many unknowns that it took me months to sit down and start typing.

When I contemplated what a blog meant, all of a sudden I realized what it would mean to me. B.L.O.G. – Build Life On Grace. Grace is the reason why we’re alive, the reason why we have family and friends. Not only do we have grace from those around us for when we mess up and make mistakes, but we have grace from God. That’s why we’re alive! His grace saved us. For these reasons, I want to build my life upon the meaning of grace.

When you look up the meaning of grace here is some of what you’ll find: acceptance, approval, favor, respect, beauty, kindness, generosity…. Wow! Aren’t those some amazing words! I have not always felt accepted or felt kindness from someone. And guess what, I have not always accepted people and been kind to them.

Some days I feel like hiding in my shell. Completely without confidence, how could someone accept me with all my flaws and this darkness I hide? With all my ugliness, my mistakes, my imperfections? Then I feel His gentle hand on my shoulder and His voice tenderly speak to me – I accept you, you are perfectly and wonderfully made. I love you today just the way you are even with the broken!

So I begin to Build this Life On Grace. Accept His grace. Love myself with grace. Love others with grace.


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