Dressember 2019

The last two Decembers I have joined Dressember in the fight against human and sex-trafficking. To raise awareness and money to aid in the rescue of victims, we wear a dress (or a tie if you're a man) every single day of December!

Wearing a dress during winter raises the question, why?! It's so cold, why are you wearing a dress?! And then I get the pleasure of telling them why 😁👗

Last year, I was interviewed by Sequim Gazette and King 5 News Seattle regarding my Dressember Campaign! What a privilege and honor  last year I stated that if I raised $2,000 I would wear a prom dress and march around HomeDepot in Sequim, WA!

Well, together we raised $1,700 last year! Absolutely incredible! 
But, I didn't get to strut my stuff in a prom dress 😜

➡️➡️➡️So again, this year I am giving you the power of getting me into that prom dress! If I raise $2,000 before December 31 at 11:59pm, I will do it!

》Who's up for the challenge?
》And who wants to join me in wearing a dress, or tie, in December?! I promise, you won't have to March through Home Depot with me 😜
》Check out more information on my website.

》Here's how to help: 

1) Join my team Fruits of Grace and help me get to $2,000! (click the join team button on the left side, fill out your info, choose your own goal and start sharing! The money donated to you, will be added to the team's collective. Once you've joined our team, I'll contact you and we will schedule a get-together!)

2) Donate here to help us aid in the rescue of human trafficked victims

3) Share my story on Face book or Instagram

4) The most important - pray. Pray for those captive in slavery right now, for those who have been rescued, for those who are fighting against it!


Let's see this modern day slavery abolished in our lifetime! 👊🏻


Can a dress really change the world?>>>