About Us

Hi everyone and thank you for joining our family! I am Erika and I am the founder of Fruits of Grace. I was introduced to the real world of poverty and orphans when I became a Compassionate Entrepreneur for Trades of Hope in 2016 (whom I continue to partner with today). My heart ached to help these moms and their children. To empower them out of poverty, to help them learn a trade and an income so they don't have to work in sweat shops or sell their bodies to put a roof over their children's head and tuck them in each night with full bellies. After partnering with Trades of Hope for several years, God called me to so much more! And that's where Fruits of Grace was born!

When you look up the meaning of grace here is some of what you will find: acceptance, approval, favor, respect, beauty, kindness, generosity…You see, when someone is given grace their life is drastically changed. God’s grace saves us, each and every day.

Our purpose and mission is to offer support to missionaries, non-profits, businesses, and individuals who are fighting to empower women out of poverty through sustainable business and spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Those who are striving to prevent orphans through job creation. Raising awareness and support for persecuted Christians, sex-trafficked victims, orphans, and those in extreme poverty.

The items we sell are hand crafted fair trade products from countries all around the world, including the U.S.A. Each item we sell has a story. It is the fruits of a life that has been given grace. Instead of selling their body or working in a sweat shop for 12-14 hours a day to put food in their children’s bellies, grace was given to them. They now partner with companies that support, encourage, and teach them to have an honorable and sustainable business. If it weren’t for the grace given to them, they’d still be in the same situation. By their fruits (their handmade items), you see a changed life. We offer grace to others, because Jesus offers grace to us. By grace we have been saved. (Ephesians 2:8)

Each month we spotlight a specific need and offer financial support for them. 10% of our monthly profits go to support these companies. For more information on who we partner with, visit the Our Partners page under the About Us tab.