620 Bracelets

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620 Bracelets are handmade by women of Romania, both Roma and Romanian. The 620 Bracelet is made with wooden beads and hemp or leather cord and 620 etched on a pendant closure.

Every bracelet tells a story, a story of dishonor turned to Dignity, a story of hopelessness to a story of Hope, and a story of a woman without belief to a story of Faith. 620 comes from the book of 2 Corinthians chapter 6 verse 20. "you have been bought with a price, honor God with your body." This bracelet is a response to the growing epidemic of human trafficking and prostitution and poverty. Through this bracelet program we are allowing women to honor God with their body and hands through an honest job.

When you wear a 620 bracelet know that your purchase has made a real difference in the lives of women in Romania!