Fouta Peshtemal Hand Towel

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Fouta Peshtemal hand towel that was handwoven and is a Fair Trade towel.This handwoven fair trade towel can be used for a variety of uses: a guest towel in the bath, just like the old fashioned kitchen dish or tea towels that you love because they are so absorbent!

A fouta is a handwoven towel that has been used for centuries in Turkish spas. They are a thin weave and are so absorbent and dry so very quickly. One of the most popular towels in Europe!

* 20 inches by 24 inches 
* Hand knotted fringe on the ends
* We suggest you wash and dry it once or twice before using because the more you wash it the softer and more absorbent it becomes.
* Dries quickly
* 100% cotton.
* Machine wash and dry
* Easy to tote with you, takes up very little room.
* Handmade in Guatemala