Singing Rooster Cuckoo-Roo Haitian Coffee

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Cuckoo-Roo (medium-dark):   

Our fastest growing product. Why? Velvety chocolate body with a natural fruity surprise.

Ground Coffee. 12 oz.


About Singing Rooster:

Singing Rooster is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, but they are more than Fair Trade. They meet, then exceed principles of Fair Trade by partnering with small producers as:

  • Agricultural and business consultants
  • Organizers of pre-harvest financing
  • Primary buyers of crops/products at premium prices
  • Transforming crops into higher value items (like roasted coffee or chocolate bars)
  • Business guiders, developers, cheerleaders
  • Equitably distributing economic gains
  • Market creators (tell your favorite nonprofit, Fair Trade or grocery store about us)

Shoulder to Shoulder:

The per-capita gross national income, in Haiti, is less than $800 a year for a farmer family.  Singing Rooster is building rural economies because farmers, not middlemen, spend money at home. Singing Rooster works with small producers across Haiti, and pay as much as twice for crops compared to Fair Trade.  They return 100% of proceeds from sales back to farmer communities in the form of agricultural, small business management, and entrepreneurial development activities.